GNCTR 2020 Organizing Committee

All graduates from University of Toronto Engineering, your GNCTR 2020 Organizing Committee is as follows:

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Aidan Solala


Ozan Coskun


Cory Sulpizi

Vice-Chair Logistics

Liz White

Vice-Chair Operations

Molly Gorman

Vice-Chair Finance

Stephen Gidge

Vice-Chair Media & Branding

Melissa Lau

Vice-Chair External

Orhun Hansoy

Vice-Chair Technical

Brianna Bredin

Vice-Chair Competitor Interaction Day

Alex Dowling

Vice-Chair Technical Exhibition

Pearl Barrett

Vice-Chair Race Day

John Sweeney

Vice-Chair Spirit

Reena Cabanilla

Vice-Chair Social

Aaron Weber

Alumni Coordinator

Trevor Gauthier

Helper Dude


The GNCTR Organizing Committee will coordinate an educational experience for engineering students through a safe, just, and structured design challenge, focused around building technical skills and community growth.


 GNCTR 2020 should be a logistically successful design competition valuing innovative engineering design and execution, in which all competitors feel safe, welcomed, and most importantly, are always having fun.