RFI#020: Capping / Grinding Procedure for Concrete Cylinders


Clause 6.5.4: Test cylinders shall be 100 mm diameter by 200 mm height, be made and cured according to the CSA A23.2-3C standard, be of the final concrete mix design(s) used, be unbroken, and have ends pre-ground ready for compressive testing.

How should we prepare the ends for concrete cylinder testing? 


Please grind the ends of your cylinders. ASTM C39 describes the tolerances required. 

Cylinder end grinders and concrete saws should be able to achieve the level of tolerance required. In fact, your cylinders might not need grinding at all so long as they fall within the tolerances described above.

If your team does not have access to the above tools, are struggling to grind the ends, or have any further concerns about grinding, please contact me again via rfi@gnctr2020.com.