RFI#019: Concrete Cylinder Compression Test


Clause 6.5.7: The Organizing Committee, and/or designated representatives of them, will conduct compressive strength testing of the sample cylinders during the Competition in accordance with CSA A23.2-9C.
Cylinders that are found to have a compressive strength less than 90% or more than 110% of the compressive strength reported in the Technical Report will be assessed a two (2) point Deduction to their overall total score.

Will the OC be testing the strengths of cylinders submitted based on when the first cracks appear or when the cylinder is completely crushed?


As indicated in the quoted clause, the testing will be done in accordance with CSA A23.2-9C (Compressive Strength of Cylindrical Concrete Specimens). That standard describes the details on how the compression tests will be performed.

To save you a bit of trouble, clause 7.4 of said document (specifically CSA A23.2-9C) states something along the lines of “The load should be increased until the specimen fails (i.e. shows visible cracks).”