RFI#016: Braking Zone


Clause 2.2 – Definition -> Braking Zone: The marked area beginning at the finish line of a Race Course and ending 15ft past the finish line.

Clause – Points may be awarded to any Team that completes at least one of the Drag Race or Giant Slalom Runs. If a Team fails to complete either of the Runs, they will be awarded zero (0) points for braking. Only Runs in which the Braking System is deployed within the Braking Zone will be graded for braking performance.

We are concerned that the Braking Zone seems too short. 15ft does not seem long enough to safely stop the Toboggan. 


The Braking Zone simply refers to the zone within which the Toboggan must deploy / engage its brakes. If a Toboggan’s brakes do not engage within that zone during a run, then that run results in a braking score of zero.

In other words, the Toboggan does not need to come to a complete stop within the Braking Zone, so long as the braking action commences within the zone.