RFI#011: Crate Dimensions


Clause 3.5: All Teams are required to arrange for their Toboggans to be transported to the Technical Exhibition and Race Day venues. It is strongly recommended that Teams work with the official GNCTR 2020 logistics partner, Logistics Decisions. Locations of venues and pertinent information regarding the partnership with Logistics Decisions will be posted on the GNCTR 2020 website.

What are the maximum shipping crate dimensions allowed by Logistics Decisions? If currently unknown, when might this information become available on the GNCTR 2020 website?


Shipping information can be found at the following links:

These links should cover everything you need to know about shipping with Logistics Decisions. The Crate dimensions section on the shipping info page covers the exact details of crate sizing. 

If for some reason you cannot find the information that you need in either of those links, or if you have a specific question regarding your crate design, feel free to contact Tim Quinlan at shipping@logisticsdecisions.ca

The links above are available under the “Competition Info -> Shipping Info” drop-down menu on the gnctr2020.com website for your convenience.